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The initial seeds for the Los Angeles Nehemiah Project were planted in 1993 when a group of leaders from 10 churches met to discuss the common problems which were affecting their congregations. The problems discussed were: deterioration of their property, loss of membership, lack of funds, inability to serve the needs of all economic groups, the influx of people from other language groups with whom they could not communicate, and like in all areas of Southern California the rising problem of drugs, school dropouts, gangs, and loss of identity that plaugues our children. The purpose of this meeting was to determine the direction that our city churches would take in addressing the problems in our communities.


The overall goal of the Los Angeles Nehemiah Project is to strengthen urban Lutheran Churches and help them find new directions for their ministries, which touch the people in their communities.

Ways To Participate

There are always ways that you can participate either as a congregation or an individual. Following are some possible avenues of service:

Sharing Your Faith -- our churches need assistance with witnessing and canvassing in their neighborhoods. Surveys need to be taken. People need to be informed of special events. Many witness opportunities exist to share Christ and the presence of the church in the community.

Transportation -- possibly there are times when you would be able to provide transportation for youth and adults to special events.

Office -- as the ministry grows the need for office staff will increase. People will be needed such as: secretaries, computer operators, receptionists, artists, etc.

Craftsman -- many of our churches are in serious need of repair and refurbishing. It calls for people with talents such as: painters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, etc. Perhaps your skills are in some of these areas.

Funding -- as projects of ministry increase so does need for additional funds. May the Lord move you to assist in a financial way?

Present & Proposed Projects --

Joint services for special occasions and a sharing of ministries and facilities as may be expedient. News publication to publicize the work of the Nehemiah Project Cooperation with Project Compassion and Los Angeles Urban Schools Committee.

Youth Exchange Programs with Iowa District West
Leadership Training Classes for officers and others interested in being effective congregational leaders.
Joint congregational youth programs
Use of existing facilities to start pre-schools lower elementary school grades with programs of outreach and assimilation for parents of children enrolled.
Promotion of Good Shepherd Day School and South Bay Lutheran High School
Joint evangelistic outreaches
Storefront ministries serving the needs of people variously addicted, e.g. - drugs, alcohol, sex, eating disorders, etc.
Outreaches for gangs and run away youth
A Board of Directors composed of representatives of all Nehemiah Churches meets on a monthly basis.

Partnering Together In The Gospel

Faith Faith Lutheran Church
3320 W, 85th Street
Inglewood, CA 90305
Rev. Dietrich Schleef
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
901 Maple
Inglewood, CA 90301
Rev. Paul Graff
Christ Lutheran Church
1966 Concordia Walk
Los Angeles, CA 90062
First Lutheran Church
3735 Hughes Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Rev. R. John Perling
Grace Lutheran Church
936 W. Vernon Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90037
Hope Memorial Lutheran Church
3401 Somerset Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90016
St. Paul Lutheran Church
3901 W. Adams Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90018
Rev. Glenn A. Lucas
Rev. Dr. Lee Settgast
Nehemiah Project Director
Telephone: 323.750.6515

"Pray for us that the word of the Lord may . . . be honored."
I Thessalonians 3:1

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