Devotional Life at Faith Lutheran Church
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The devotional life of a Christian
is nurture and sustenance for the week.

Faith Lutheran provides:

"Portals of Prayer" -- devotional booklets for all our members and special requests. Call 323.750.3552 to request a copy.

"Daily Devotional Message" -- A different recorded devotion is provided daily.
Call 323.750.4113 for a different devotional recorded message daily.

"Worship Service Tapes" -- Audio tapes of worship services are available. Send your request, along with your check or money order of $2.00 to Faith Lutheran Church, 8517 11th Avenue, Inglewood, CA 90305.

"Special Religious Seasonal Booklets" -- Special devotional booklets are provided during:

These meditations help to prepare us to celebrate the glorious events of Christmas and Easter respectively. Our church building is prepared weekly to set a devotional mood for worship.

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